About Jude


Jude Woodgyer is a singer/songwriter and songleader, as well as being a Mum to two young boys.

Originally from Stroud in the UK, Jude was a long term member of a community choir called

'Circle of Song'.  As well as attending many different workshops, performances and voice camps over the years, she also co - directed the choir (mainly leading the often elusive tenor section).  

She was also a long term member of the band:

'Souled & Healed

in which she sang and created harmonies for many of the backing vocals, as well as playing the mandolin. 20 years of performing at many events and various different venues often for charity.

Here in Levin she is a member of the Levin Folk Music Club, performing often at 'blackboard nights'  at the Scottish Hall on Bartholomew Road.

She can also often be found singing and performing at Lily's Ranch House on Fairfield Road.


She is a member of the local community choir -

'Sing Out Levin'

which she also co-directs on certain songs which are taught mainly by ear.  Also accompanying the choir with her guitar playing whenever needed.

She has performed

on many occasions, and at many different events.  Jude just loves to sing...


A new adventure

Jude is about to start up a 6 week taster of weekly singing workshops in the Levin area.

These workshops will be running at  a reduced and very reasonable rate for this 6 week period.

She is looking for people who are interested in singing, who would love to learn some fun and simple songs, people who want to try singing in harmony with a group of others.

You don't need to be able to read music, or even have to audition!!

All you need to do is show up, be willing to learn some songs and have fun in the process.  Give it a go!! Get in touch - Phone 022 037 5007 or Email: acapellajude@gmail.com